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Defamation Of Character Lawsuit Against Deborah Dupre, and Clarity Media Group, LLC

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$10 Million Defamation of Character Lawsuit To Be Filed On Behalf Of Advocate Working To Clean Up BP Gulf Oil Spill

Deborah Dupre, who writes for, recently wrote a
hit piece on her website in which several false and misleading statements about the former National Coordinator of Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference have been made.  Such unfounded allegations and malicious statements constitute a crime of defamation of character in the form of libelous statements.  Her subsequent radio interviews about the same subject likewise constitute defamation of character in the form of slander.

Deborah Dupre photo

A comprehensive list of refutations is currently being prepared and incorporated into a $10 million defamation of character lawsuit being filed against author, Deborah Dupre, and the parent company, Clarity Media Group, LLC 

The defamation of character lawsuit will clearly demonstrate Ms. Dupre’s intention to defame the good character of those associated with the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC) through numerous statements in which she makes untrue and direct accusations, knowingly false statements and highly misleading innuendos.  In light of the fact that she has deliberately made several of these false statements both in writing and orally, defamation of character by slander has been added to this lawsuit.

Separately and in the aggregate, Ms. Dupre’s statements, which are both false and derogatory, establish her willful intent to assassinate the good character  and reputation of  leading health and environmental advocates.  Such character assassination has likewise served to discredit, malign and besmirch the name of one of the most effective groups working to clean up the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

Through a series of ad hominem attacks, Ms. Dupre has profoundly undermined the good standing and hard work of the entire GOSRC in such a way that the National Coordinator was forced to permanently resign his voluntary position of the ongoing cyber-conference, after already issuing a statement of temporary suspension in order to care for his ailing wife.

The GOSRC was initiated shortly after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico as an International Citizens’ Initiative.  Many of the GOSRC participants have indicated that the extremely serious harm done to the GOSRC leadership and their families, as well as the “injury by association” to many dedicated conferees – some of whom have been working under threat of death – is so great that Ms. Dupre must be held criminally responsible for the consequences of her actions.

“When one perpetrates assassination on someone’s life, the penalty is often life imprisonment, and sometimes even capital punishment.  When one commits such willful character assassination on the order that Ms. Dupre has, she has effectively ruined an individual’s reputation for the rest of his life.  Therefore we wonder how society ought to respond to such a harmful offense that will have profound repercussions to many of us associated with this horrific event?”  – Concerned Citizens of Florida

According to the GOSRC attorney the $10 million defamation of character lawsuit will be filed in US Federal Court in Tallahassee, FL.  He will be taking depositions very soon from many of those already contacted in this regard.  In the interest of minimizing the extraordinary damage which Ms. Dupre has wrought, it is encouraged that this legal initiative be shared widely.  Anyone possessing information which might contribute to or facilitate this process is invited to email any relevant information to the following address:

Dupre as pictured for
the Shattered Gulf Show

For additional information regarding Deborah Dupre, please read the following report filed by Maurice Ellsberg with Gulf Oil Spill Investigations: 

BEWARE of Deborah Dupre and Delia LaBarre

  1. Bravo for taking action. These two and many others including some local Gulf Coast residents themselves have perpetuated libelous and slanderous accusations since the beginning of this disaster. I trust there will be others to follow. I applaud you for standing up for truth!

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